I don’t usually watch much by the way of news, finding it to be mostly tiresome propaganda. The news in the UK is (obviously) both UK and Euro-centric, and of course, broadcast in English. It’s instantly accessible, and unlike when there’s a murder in Japan somewhere and I have to decode the on-screen kanji and the words of the news anchors, here I am a superman. I can hear everything, and instantly understand it, to the core. Unfortunately, the “news” is rarely good. Just 10 days ago, flight MH17 was grounded on Ukraine soil, apparently having been shot down. I instantly thought of friend and fellow photoblogger Bjorn (go check out his site), who’s moved from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. 

However, this kind of thing actually has happened before. During the Cold War, there were numerous airliner shootings—America shot down a similarly sized plane in Iran, and never issued an apology, after mistaking it for a fighter jet. Even with the threat of nuclear war, nothing happened. Nothing will happen now, either. Can you recall any event in modern history, when white people properly went to war/invaded each other’s countries? No, neither can I. There are in place, designated “conflict zones”, far from our computers, in which wars now take place. That way, deaths are meaningless, and the people likewise. It all helps with newspeak, which is in full-force over here—I couldn’t even tell you with whom Britain is currently at war.